We Are Data Migration And Integration Experts

With well over a decade of experience with data projects, we have a successful record of delivering large and highly complex data migration projects and our team are experts at what they do.

Using our extensive experience to create our own software tools and approach, we take your data into our own hands, providing reassurance and excellence throughout each and every project.

We provide a range of data management services including system integration, managed services, data reconciliation, data cleansing and Bi Reporting, along with our products designed to manage any data transformation requirements.

We’re ambitious to be the industry’s leading data service partner

We take your data challenges into our hands and provide successful outcomes every time. We manage complex data challenges and provide you with reassurance and confidence whilst delivering your digital transformation. Our people take your data challenges and provide results.

Our open approach to projects from start to finish offers high level support and communication. We work collaboratively to provide successful outcomes.

We put our clients and partners at the forefront of Egress, we’re excellent at what we do, we provide high quality work and carefully match projects to our most suitable team of consultants.

We provide innovative solutions; we bring out the best in our vendors products and provide products and services that compliment individual capabilities.

Our Values

Shaping who we are and shared throughout our team…


Key to what makes us Egress. Our powerful, versatile, and reliable products and services are created through our own methodology, technology, and expertise. Our clients are always at the forefront of what we do, and we strive to continuously grow.


We’re experts at what we do, and that runs throughout our team and every aspect of our business. We provide our clients with quality, honesty, and value with every project and every interaction. We’re passionate about data.


Being open allows us to provide the highest level of service, both to our clients, partners and within our team. We’re responsive, engaging, collaborative and supportive, it’s how we work on every project and deliver successful outcomes every time.

What makes Egress

Our People

Our people attract people and offer well over a decade of experience with data. A passionate, collaborative and ambitious energy flows through Egress and our team.

Our Tools & Approach

We’ve used our extensive experience and expertise to create our own efficient and innovative software tools and approach, delivering high quality data services to our clients and partners.

Our Client Focus

We work with you to get outcomes you need, every time. We’re focused and provide honesty, value and communication throughout everything we do.