M Group Services:  Multiple legacy systems migrated to Oracle Fusion

The Business Challenges

Back in 2020, M Group Services (MGS), a private enterprise company that delivers a range of essential infrastructure services across the UK & Ireland, were using legacy, end-of-life HR and Finance systems that urgently required migration to a new, modern solution.

The programme of change required moving a significant number of legacy systems, across seven subsidiaries with more than 9,000 employees, onto a single Oracle Fusion solution. The aim was to have a consolidated, modern platform that would support MGS’ strategic goal of operational excellence. A number of partners were involved, including Evosys, as System Implementer.

Addressing the Challenges

Egress’ expertise and automated data migration toolkit – Egress Advance, were deployed to their full extent to address the significant complexity the project presented. Legacy systems has been in use for up to 25 years in some cases and 60+ separate source system data extracts were involved in the move to the single, shared instance of Oracle Fusion. These included SAP, Sage, Great Plains, Mentor, Summit, HR.Net, PADS, and WorkSpace.

The advance toolkit effectively and efficiently deals with the the aggregation and cleansing of this vast breadth of data in a consistent manner, quickly identifying changes or errors that require resolution.


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* Data mapping and transformation workshops and specifications

* Data Migration, Cleansing, and Validation Strategy and Plan

* Produced and maintained detailed sets of data requirements

* Managed implementation against a defined programme plan

* Partnered with MGS and third-parties to deliver outcomes on time

* Delivered Data Cleansing to ensure successful testing outcomes

* Egress Advance – DM toolkit for repeatable, automated outcomes

* Comprehensive data, config and defect reporting

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