The data transformation journey should start early with strategic reviews, not only of your data and your solution architecture and landscape, but also the business and the programme. Egress can support these tasks, with our expert teams bringing 20+ years of specialist experience.

Developing your data strategy

Our specialists have the skills to support end-to-end data management across healthcare, local and central government, social care, emergency services, education, as well as the private sector. They possess the in-depth knowledge relating to healthcare solutions, including Electronic Patient Record solutions, Patient Administration Systems, mental health, community, social care and specialist clinical systems, as well as Enterprise Resource Planning solutions used across HR, Payroll, Finance and Procurement.

Thanks to our experience and track record successfully completing 600+ complex, large-scale, multi-system data projects we are equipped to tackle the most challenging data migration and integration programmes.

We support all stages of preparedness from data catalogue (solution architecture, data collection points, reporting and storage) to business data strategy (retention, archiving, data quality management and KPIs to data decommissioning); as well as complete data migration strategy and preparation.

Data Readiness Assessments

Our Data Readiness Assessment enables early identification and swift resolution of issues, meaning our clients and partners are in the best position to successfully begin their data programme.

Our assessment provides customers with clarity and understanding of their current data landscape, complemented by a proven process and approach to ensure a successful outcome of their data migration and/or integration programme.

Our industry leading capabilities: 

Expert Guidance –
honest & pragmatic advice

Based on our years of experience & working with customers & other third-party suppliers, Egress are a true partner with solutions to the most complex data problems.

Technical Scoping –
Detailed requirement definition

Our knowledge & skills, working on single projects & some of the largest digital transformation / change programmes seen in health & the public sector, means we can correctly define scope & requirements for our customers.

Specialist Delivery –
Maximum care, with minimal disruption

Our experienced teams advise on appropriate delivery strategies to ensure minimal risk & maximum impact, whilst still maintaining your current system landscape. 

Future Proofing –
A strategy for success

By understanding your objectives & vision, we collaborate with our customers to ensure objectives are met – now & into the future.


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