Walsall Council: Multiple Legacy Systems

successfully migrated to One Oracle Fusion platform

The Business Challenges

Walsall Council were utilising a highly customised HR and payroll solution that was feature-rich but intricately tied to complex business processes.

The council recognised the need to improve customer services, enhance employee morale by equipping them with the right tools, and streamline processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness. To accomplish these objectives, Walsall Council opted for a fully integrated Oracle Cloud-based solution under their One Source programme. This involved consolidating multiple legacy solutions into a single Oracle Fusion platform.

Initially, the council felt that they possessed the in-house expertise to handle the critical data migration task themselves and potentially save costs in the process. However, they soon realised that an experienced data partner was required and enlisted the support of Egress.

Addressing the Challenges

After closely collaborating with the team at Walsall and conducting a thorough data quality assessment, Egress swiftly grasped the complexity of the situation. Egress proceeded to carry out a successful data analysis and cleansing phase, following which they were entrusted with the end-to-end migration process, which encompassed full extraction, transformation, and loading of data.

Leveraging the Egress Advance toolkit, they simplified the complexity, and automated the progression, of the migration cycles, showcasing swift and consistent enhancements in data quality.

Egress were able to adapt to the significant challenges introduced by Covid by maintaining flexibility. Their professionalism and the level of automation ensured that the migration continued successfully.

Customer Benefits

Despite the impact of Covid at the point the project was due to go live, Egress were able to provide consolidated data on time and allowed One Source to go live as planned.

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* Data Migration workstream management

* Data Management and Analysis consultancy

* Oracle and SQL development specialists

* Egress Advance – Data Migration toolkit

* Legacy source system data knowledge

* Oracle Fusion Data Loading tools expertise

The outcome

100% of

work structure data successfully loaded


Worker Records Loaded


Salary Records Loaded


Payroll Balances Loaded


Supplier Records Loaded


Customer Records Loaded


Accounts Receivable transaction records loaded with minimal discrepancies


Accounts Payable transaction records loaded with minimal discrepancies

“We thought we couldn’t afford it and didn’t need it. But it soon became apparent that we did need it … I would bring Egress in at the beginning, it’s worth building the relationship and the understanding from the start. Their strengths are the flexibility, listening, helpfulness, knowledge and understanding of complex data structures, us as a local government organisation and working with Oracle ERP.”

ICT Director

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