Egress live and breathe data management projects. We understand the complexities, know the risks and have seen the pitfalls too often associated with large-scale transformation programmes. To achieve success and reap the rewards at the end of what is often a long and challenging journey requires not only experience, but honesty and pragmatism. Egress works hard to become a trusted partner and provide the support, skills and knowledge you will need throughout your data journey to achieve your digital transformation aspirations.

The Egress suite of tools and services, which include strategic consulting and readiness reviews, data migration, integration, quality and archiving, is proven in more than 600 complex technology and system change programmes.

Our products are trusted in multiple large-scale, challenging data programmes, all of which encompass clinical and business critical systems. Often called upon to intervene in existing projects that are stalling because of common issues such as lack of resourcing, skills and time, far better to involve Egress early so we can pave the way to success. We provide pragmatic support, true partnership working, and specialist knowledge to ensure project outcomes are achieved on time and within budget.

All our products can be used as part of an integrated Egress solution or be licensed for use, depending on specific client requirements.

Our services have evolved throughout our long history of working with healthcare providers, public and private sector organisations. Our expert teams offer unrivalled skills and experience, as well as a commitment to the industries we work with. This drives us to excel at what we do, providing pragmatic solutions to our customer’s most complex data challenges.

Our Solutions

Your Data Journey – Preparing for success

Data assessment reviews, preparedness & strategy. Assuring readiness – reducing risk, costs & time.

Data Migration – Complex system moves made easy

Automated, repeatable, traceable, & auditable advanced Extract, Transform & Load capabilities.

Data Quality – Creating a single-source of truth

Safely transforming messy inputs into robust, fit-for-purpose data – ready to drive transformation.

Data Interoperability & System Integration

Unlocking data in proprietary systems. Data sharing & system integration that works – every time.

Managed Services – 24/7 smart monitoring

Reliable & trusted 24/7 support for critical integration environments, with guaranteed response times.

Reporting for Healthcare – Analyse & innovate

Operational reporting to advanced analytics & population health, insights into action.

ERP Business Intelligence – Review, refine & report

Define, build, test, document & deploy business reporting needs.

Data Archiving – Safe storage of your data assets

Cost-effective, secure data storage solutions to your requirements.

Payroll Validation & Assurance

Simple to use, powerful tools – taking the complexity out of payroll, ensuring pay is right – on time, every time.

Our Sectors


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