Data is powerful, especially when organisations need to do more with less. At Egress, we understand this and have made it our mission to help our public sector clients do more with their data, through effective migration to new systems, improved quality and fresh insights which drive innovation.

We have successfully completed 600+ complex, large-scale, multi-system data projects to date. This experience and track record means we are equipped to tackle the most challenging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data migration programmes and ensure complete data confidence for public sector organisations.

“Egress was engaged to provide services bringing together a dedicated, experienced team and developed toolsets. The services provide by Egress enabled an accelerated, end-to-end data migration process, the early identification of data issues and significantly shortened the time to understand the success of moving data from our legacy system to Oracle.”

James Couper, Programme Manager, BCC

To name just a few notable projects:


End-to-end data management solutions to help organisations make the best use of their data: 

Start early and be prepared: Strategic reviews & readiness assessments 

Pre-implementation planning is essential to the success of any programme.

Our expert teams provide solution architecture, business and data strategy reviews. Our Data Readiness Assessment enables early identification and swift resolution of issues, meaning our clients and partners are in the best position to successfully begin their data programme.

Trusted tools assure the data migration process: Egress Advance

Proven in 100’s of ERP system migrations, Egress Advance offers automated extract, transform and load capabilities that remove chance, inconsistencies, and human error from this complex process.

Repeatable, traceable, and auditable, our toolkit assures data quality and success, providing a trusted blueprint for any data migration project, no matter how large or complex.

Easy to use, powerful payroll solutions: Egress Assure 

Public sector payroll is complex. The stakes are rightly high in ensuring pay is correct, but the ever-changing payments for vast numbers of people leaves room for costly errors, which is not good for organisations or their staff.

Our Egress Assure toolkit has been designed to combat these issues, providing an easy-to-use, effective interface to quickly validate and assure payroll runs, prior to execution. This saves time, resource and money for organisations and, most importantly, ensures staff are paid correctly on time, every time.

Review, refine and report: Business Intelligence expertise 

Our established Business Intelligence reporting function has supported multiple public sector and private sector organisations throughout the entire reporting lifecycle, from initial requirement gathering through to build, test and deployment. We review existing requirements, refine and streamline to meet business needs, ultimately reducing cost and risk to the programme.

Data retention and safe storage: Egress Archive 

Generation and capture of data ultimately requires safe and secure storage, for appropriate retention according to industry standards, and reliable access, as and when needed. Egress Archive fulfils this requirement with cost-effective, secure data storage solutions to meet a range of requirements.

Wherever you are on your data transformation journey, Egress can help.

A trusted, UK partner we consistently help the public sector make the best use of data to improve day-to-day operations and find efficiencies, whilst enhancing quality and enabling innovation.