IBM have partnered with Egress Group to support their client, UK Shared Business Services Ltd (UK SBS), to undertake a thorough review of their data readiness ahead of a potential major data migration project.

IBM are working with UK SBS, who provide HR and Payroll, Finance, Procurement, and IT business services to a number of government departments and other public sector organisations as they plan for potential future system migrations. Egress has been engaged by IBM as a specialist data migration partner to assist in assessing preparedness for such a move.

Egress’ comprehensive data readiness assessment identifies critical issues and risks upfront, recommends resolutions and mitigations, as well as identifying an organisation’s own capability and capacity to undertake such complex projects.

Be prepared early for success … data readiness assessments identify issues & risks upfront, saving time, effort & money overall.

Work to date includes:

  • Leading data migration requirements workshops
  • Hosting data migration solution review sessions with the technical team
  • Developing and presenting data migration specifications for review
  • Providing a comprehensive data assessment report identifying gaps and recommendations for next steps to resolve identified issues.

It has been a pleasure working with the IBM and UK SBS team to ensure they are in the best possible state of readiness to successfully migrate data between systems.

At Egress, we know it’s a complex business correctly and efficiently moving data from one system to another, but our team of experts are on hand to help. Our extensive knowledge and experience of large-scale, multi-system projects means we can effectively review and assess an organisation’s readiness and advise on the best ways to successfully realise their data migration goals.

Our Data Readiness Assessment enables early identification and swift resolution of issues, meaning our clients and partners are in the best position to successfully migrate their data.

Whether you are just about to embark on, or are part way through, your data programme – we can help. We will deliver the data confidence you need to support your digital transformation aspirations.