Public sector payroll is complex. The stakes are rightly high in ensuring pay is correct, but the ever-changing payments for vast numbers of people leaves room for costly errors, which is not good for organisations or their staff.

Our Egress Assure toolkit has been designed to combat these issues, providing an easy-to-use, effective interface to quickly validate and assure payroll runs, prior to execution. This saves time, resource and money for organisations and, most importantly, ensures staff are paid correctly on time, every time.

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Our tools provide automated continuous monitoring of your payroll to ensure accuracy and consistency. Our solution will significantly decrease costly over or underpayment errors, release staff capacity, and limit risk whilst delivering powerful, flexible, and simple to use business intelligence capabilities. Egress Assure provides insights into a payroll run, based on averages over current and previous payroll elements in order to highlight incorrect payments.

We also offer payroll comparison tools, typically used as part of system data migrations. Our automated data and functional reconciliation capabilities ensure that identical payrolls across different solutions are consistent. Our easy-to-use comparison tools show a per person and per element view highlighting any discrepancies and potential issues.

Egress Assure was used as part of the original NHS Employee Staff Record programme, covering 1.2 million staff records across c. 600 organisations, where a guarantee of 100% confidence in new payroll processing was required and successfully met.

Our industry leading capabilities:

Payroll Comparison
Complete accuracy – in half the time

Our proven comparison tool can compare complete payrolls of 100,000+ employees in a matter of hours, increasing the accuracy & significantly reducing the length of testing lifecycles.

End-to-end Provision –
Complete service

From validation to cleansing, de-duplication & data integrations, to profiling – we offer a comprehensive service to ensure accuracy, consistency & validity of your data.

Detailed Reporting –
Assess and Inform 

Simple, yet powerful, reporting & analytics capabilities that assess & analyse overall data quality & inform strategies to correct & improve.

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