No more errors, no more penalties.

We know payroll can be complex. We know getting pay correct is essential.

The Egress Assure toolkit has been designed to get it right, every single time.

An easy-to-use, effective interface to quickly validate and assure payroll runs, prior to execution. This saves time, resource and money for organisations and, most importantly, ensures staff are paid correctly on time, every time. 

5 Reasons your team needs a payroll validation tool

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Designed to interrogate and aggregate payroll data to ensure that all employees are paid consistently on a period-to-period basis. The solution brings together a history of all employees’ payroll information on a dynamic interface that can be utilised to answer quickly and efficiently any employee payroll query, over multiple periods.

The solution compares the payroll run data, through unique in-built functionality, at an individual employee level within an organisation. Through a clear and simple user interface, it allows a user to view the results, starting at summary level and drilling down to search for specific employees, to prove payment accuracy is maintained. It can show that the payroll function is not impacted (or is impacted as intended) by events such as pay increments, and changes to taxation legislation.

Egress Assure was used as part of the original NHS Employee Staff Record programme, covering 1.2 million staff records across c. 600 organisations, where a guarantee of 100% confidence in new payroll processing was required and successfully met.

Good for organisations, even better for your team.

A feature-rich tool designed to interrogate and aggregate payroll data quickly and efficiently 

Dynamic views of data, starting at summary level with details a click away

Releases staff time and capacity 

Reduces risk and provides evidence that payroll has been run as intended 

Significantly mitigates against costly over or underpayment errors 

Delivers powerful, flexible, and simple to use business intelligence capabilities

Payslip viewer that mimics employees’ actual payslip to aid with payroll queries

Anomalies and unusual trends are presented in a user-friendly interface, enhanced by complex and detailed statistical reporting, so issues can be targeted and corrected quickly

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