Our Stories

An insight into life at Egress with stories from some of our team…

Pauline Vickers – Senior Project Manager

Pauline began working at Egress Group in 2022, joining us as a Senior Project Manager.

“My role is Senior Project Manager and I work for delivery currently, mainly on EPR Projects, where no two days are ever the same!

I was attracted to join Egress as the company has a real family feel and that was evident even from my initial interview. I really like that and hope it never changes. The company is growing quite rapidly with lots of exciting projects coming down the pipeline. Senior management are extremely supportive at Egress and projects are always varied and different, which keeps work exciting and challenging, allowing the team to grow in knowledge and depth.

One of my most memorable projects with Egress was the implementation of ‘eLancs’ at ELHT. I managed the project ensuring 22 clinical system interfaces were developed, implemented and ready for go-live, whilst also changing the Trust’s Integration Engine. I’ve also had many memorable times with the team, particularly last year’s crazy golf social!”

Saveen Gamage – Data Migration Consultant

Saveen joined Egress Group in 2021 as a Data Migration Consultant.

“When joining Egress, I saw my skills could help in this role and it was an exciting opportunity to work with a great team. I have had the opportunity to work on the Lancashire County Council ERP Data Migration project which has been a real highlight in my time at Egress.

A typical day in my role at Egress involves working on database management and SQL-related tasks, collaborating with team members to address project requirements, and utilising my problem-solving skills to optimise operational processes.

Egress as a company promotes a healthy-work life balance which has allowed me to set my own schedule whilst ensuring I meet my deadlines. I’ve also had the opportunity to enrol with Oracle Cloud University to excel my skills related to ERP.”

Lionel Woods – Senior Integration Consultant

Lionel has worked at Egress Group since March 2022 and is a senior member of our specialist healthcare integration team. On his second anniversary, he shared his thoughts on his journey to date:

“Today marks my two-year anniversary with Egress Group and I couldn’t be more grateful for the incredible journey I’ve experienced so far. Over these two years, I’ve had the privilege of working on diverse projects and undergoing extensive training, all made possible by the support and investment from Egress Group. The knowledge and skills I’ve gained have been invaluable.

What truly sets Egress Group apart is its remarkable team and culture. The genuine support and understanding extended by my colleagues and leadership, not just professionally but also personally, breeds an environment where success and well-being go hand in hand. Here’s to many more years of collaboration, innovation, and shared success with this remarkable Company!”