Data is precious, especially when it comes to our health and care records. At Egress, we understand this and have made it our mission to ensure our healthcare customers are assured of complete data confidence when they undertake any technology change programme.

Thanks to our experience and track record successfully completing 600+ complex, large-scale, multi-system projects we are equipped to tackle the most challenging data migration and integration programmes.

“The largest and most important digital transformation programme in The Royal Marsden’s history. Today was a good day! Of all the go-lives I’ve been party to, this was the smoothest, in no small part to an amazing team, trust and our supplier community.”

David Newey, CIO, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. 

To name just a few notable projects:

End-to-end data management solutions for your digital data transformation journey: 

Start early and be prepared: Strategic reviews & readiness assessments 

Pre-implementation planning is essential to the success of any programme.

Our expert teams provide solution architecture, business and data strategy reviews. Our EPR Data Readiness Assessment enables early identification and swift resolution of issues, meaning our clients and partners are in the best position to successfully begin their data programme.

Trusted tools assure the data migration process: Egress Advance

Proven in 100’s of EPR / PAS and clinical system migrations, Egress Advance offers automated extract, transform and load capabilities that remove chance, inconsistencies, and human error from this complex process.

Repeatable, traceable, and auditable, our toolkit assures data quality and success, providing a trusted blueprint for any data migration project, no matter how large or complex.

Unlock data in proprietary systems: Interoperability & system integration 

Accessing and sharing data is vital to driving the service transformation needed to make better use of limited resources and improve care delivery. However, these integrations between the myriad of healthcare solutions in use are notoriously complex, time-consuming, and difficult to achieve.

Egress has experience of the systems, challenges and risks involved, having supported some of the largest and most complex data programmes in NHS history. This means we consistently deliver safely on time and to budget.

Reliable and trusted 24/7 support: Industry leading managed services 

Our cost-effective managed service, which includes round the clock smart monitoring of integration environments and guaranteed response times, is used by a number of healthcare providers to support their critical integration environments.

Run by our team of experts, based in the UK, we pride ourselves on our quality of service and resolutions which ensure data flows as it should.

Analyse, measure and innovate: Operational reporting to advanced analytics 

Our tools provide simple, easy to use analysis and presentation of data to support day-to-day local and national reporting requirements. Moving beyond operational requirements, our tools also pave the way for more advanced analytics, data science and population health use cases, providing insights for action.

Data retention and safe storage: Egress Archive 

Generation and capture of data ultimately requires safe and secure storage, for appropriate retention according to industry standards, and reliable access, as and when needed. Egress Archive fulfils this requirement with cost-effective, secure data storage solutions to meet a range of requirements.

Wherever you are on your data transformation journey, Egress can help. 

We consistently save time, resourcing and risk for healthcare providers, whilst ensuring data is fit, robust and ready to drive your digital aspirations.