Migrating data from a multitude of EPR/PAS and clinical systems across Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) formed the basis of one of the most ambitious Electronic Patient Record system implementations the NHS has seen to date. Egress Group’s healthcare division was involved early on assessing readiness for this complex programme and ultimately ensuring 4m records were successfully migrated to the Trust’s new EPR solution.

MFT was formed from the merger of two Trusts in 2017, creating one of the largest acute trusts in the UK, including 10 hospitals serving a population of 750,000. The new Trust was using three long-established EPR/PAS systems and numerous clinical systems, so a decision was made to move to a single solution from EPIC.

End-to-end data management from strategic reviews & readiness assessments … to the successful load of all the data in the Trust’s 4m patient records.

The Trust understood their ambitions would include a hugely complex data migration and integration challenge. Egress was chosen because of their extensive experience successfully working on large-scale, multi-system migrations of a similar scale and scope.

The company’s involvement included end-to-end management of the data migration aspects of the programme, from strategic reviews and readiness assessments across the entire IT estate, through to successful load of all the data included within MFT’s four million patient records.

Egress’ data migration toolset, Advance, was deployed providing automated extraction routines, a proven transformation engine and powerful data quality reports, as well as in-built monitoring and audit controls for assurance and traceability.

Despite reservations from the Trust about achieving a single patient record without duplications or loss of data, and significant scope changes in 2020, with the addition of a tenth hospital, the programme successfully went live on 9 September 2022, as scheduled.

Dan Prescott, Trust CIO, commented:

Egress Advance data migration toolkit … removing human error & inconsistencies with automated, repeatable & traceable transformation, backed-up by powerful data quality reporting.

“It is never too early to start your data migration work as it is always on the critical path of any EPR programme. Egress dovetailed with the Trust and Epic teams to ensure the programme went live successfully.”

Andy Hawkin, Egress Group COO, commented:

“There is no doubt that this is one of the most significant achievements in Egress’s history, given the breadth and scale of the systems in use across the Trust. The programme presented some very interesting and unique challenges, and we are delighted to have successfully played our part in delivering this project successfully. Robust and safe data migration gives the Trust the data confidence and assurance it needs to embark on its digital transformation aspirations.”

MFT’s digital transformation journey aims to provide improvements in clinical quality, patient safety, patient and staff experience, and operational effectiveness across the Trust, whilst also driving new opportunities for research and innovation.

You can read the full success story from our work with MFT here.

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