Women in Tech make up only 28% of the workforce.* Research shows that the gender gap in tech initially begins during education, with only 16% of females having a career in technology suggested to them.**

Egress recognise that change is needed in this industry to help us attract a diverse talented team across all genders.

Our plans to help bring about that change and embrace equality that is so vital for the good of our business, community and customers, include

  • Recruiting across the whole of the UK to attract talent, with a flexible work environment.
  • Attending career events with local education providers to help introduce careers in tech to young people.
  • Introducing an apprenticeship scheme to make tech careers more accessible to all.

Addressing the issues is essential to helping the tech industry become more attractive and accessible. We appreciate our fantastic women in our team, in roles as consultants, project managers, and in HR, finance and marketing.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Find out more about the Egress family, our values and why it is a great place to work here.

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