“Incredible execution” from Egress Group achieved “outstanding results” for DHL, leading global logistics organisation, who migrated to Oracle’s cloud-based myHR system in April 2022.

The system move from a legacy Oracle system, managing HR and payroll for their 60, 000 employees, required a significant amount of data migration expertise to execute safely, within budget and on-time. Legacy data was incomplete and inconsistent, creating additional complexity. Plus, DHL did not want any disruption to live system use during the migration process.

Outstanding results … 100% success rate migrating 60,000 records as part of the largest Oracle myHR move to date

Egress executed the programme successfully using their proven, inhouse toolkit, which provides advanced monitoring and controls, as well as repeatable and auditable processes.

The project was the largest myHR implementation to date, covering 60,000 records.

An impressive 99.9% load success by the final test cycle was achieved, with a perfect 100% success rate for the final cutover.

Vice President, Global HR Transformation, Digitalisation and BPO, DHL, commented:

“This incredible execution and near-perfect tracking to the timeline is the result of a lot of planning, diligence, practice, and teamwork – including from our external partners Egress Group– and I couldn’t be more appreciative of the outstanding results.”

To find full details of the programme, read the success story here.

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