Egress Group is delighted to announce its acquisition of Stalis, specialists in healthcare data migration and archiving solutions. Together, the two companies have a unique offering for the healthcare sector, providing complete, end-to-end data management services and solutions.

The acquisition brings together renowned providers in their respective data management fields, combining more than half a century’s experience working on large-scale, complex, multi-system change programmes. 100% focused on healthcare since its inception in 1984, Stalis is best known as a leading supplier of data migration and data quality expertise, as well as archiving solutions, in this sector. This is complemented by Egress Group’s proven track record successfully delivering multiple, healthcare system integration and interoperability programmes.

Together, the two companies will offer a unique proposition to the healthcare sector – true, end-to-end data management services and solutions, from strategic reviews and readiness assessments, data migration, system integration, archiving and data quality, through to advanced analytics for proactive and predictive care.

Stalis has unrivalled experience supporting health and care providers across the UK with their complex data migration requirements. The company provide a complete data quality and migration service and suite of tools. These include a data archiving solution which can also be embedded into EPR systems, providing clinicians with instant access to the full patient record at the point of care. Recent projects include West Hertfordshire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust.

Egress Group, also renowned for their data migration work across healthcare, the public and private sectors, has significant system integration and interoperability experience, proven in a number of recent NHS transformation programmes. These include East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust’s move to Cerner and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust’s Epic implementation.

Both organisations are committed to open standards ensuring data is available and accessible at the point of care to provide a complete and holistic view of a patient. Their shared mission is to ensure the NHS has complete data confidence to enable safe and robust digital transformation of care delivery to improve outcomes for patients.

Kate Bryan, Managing Director at Stalis, commented:

“This is an incredibly exciting next chapter for Stalis, which we believe will offer significant opportunities and very real benefits for our customers and also for all of our employees.

We have been in business for 40 years under the same ownership, so this is a considerable change for us. But, when we met Joe and the Egress team, it was obvious we all shared the same commitment to the healthcare sector, really wanting to make a difference to providers, their teams and, ultimately, the people they care for. Our company cultures are also a great fit, which was really important to us.

The NHS faces many challenges and data is one of the keys to unlocking real service transformation and innovation in care delivery. But those decisions and changes are only going to be as good as the data they are based upon. As a team, we understand this and will continue to support healthcare organisations to achieve complete data confidence throughout what are complex and challenging system change programmes.”

Joe Rooke, CEO at Egress Group, added:

“The opportunity presented by combining the experience and track record of both Egress and Stalis is really special. Together, we can offer healthcare organisations true, end-to-end data management expertise, which, we believe, is a unique proposition and one that will be incredibly beneficial.

Data migration and system integration are often dealt with as separate workstreams during major system change programmes, but that creates problems, increases risk, duplicates effort and may not deliver a coherent outcome. Approaching all those data objectives with one strategy and one vision is the way forward and, together, we can deliver that.

Kate, and the Stalis team, are a natural complement to our own organisation and staff. We share common values and company cultures, with like-minded individuals all passionate about what they do and the industries we work with.”


Stalis will continue to operate as Stalis, with a complete focus on healthcare. No organisational changes are planned and all the senior leadership team, including Kate Bryan as MD, are remaining in post.

Whether you are just about to embark on, or are part way through, your data programme – we can help. We will deliver the data confidence you need to support your digital transformation aspirations.