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Since 2006, Egress has provided specialist end-to-end data migration services, underpinned by a proprietary toolkit, Egress Advance.

We have successfully delivered more than 600 complex projects, involving hundreds of source systems within healthcare and the public and private sectors. These included major Electronic Patient Record (EPR) transformation projects for Manchester University Hospitals and Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, and high-profile Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation programmes, including the transition to a single Electronic Staff Record across NHS England and as data partner to numerous UK local authorities.

“We thought we couldn’t afford it and didn’t need it. But it soon became apparent that we did need it … I would bring Egress in at the beginning, it’s worth building the relationship and the understanding from the start. Strengths are their flexibility, listening, helpfulness, knowledge and understanding of complex data structures and us as a local government and working with Oracle ERP.”

CIO, Walsall Borough Council

This long track record and breadth of experience has allowed us to create a tried and tested Extract, Transformation, and Load (ETL) methodology. This encompasses: extracting data, reconciling it back to the source system via control reports, producing data cleansing reports, complete with improvement monitoring, and finally the data transformation requirements to move into the target system. Our successes are significant, consistently delivering on-time and to budget. Very often we are asked to provide additional support above and beyond original project scope as our level of knowledge, expertise and exceptional partner working become evident.

Egress Advance, our data migration toolkit offers automated and reliable extract, transform, load capabilities, complemented by powerful data quality reporting and reconciliation, that removes chance, inconsistencies, and human error from this complex process.

Repeatable, traceable, and auditable, our toolkit assures data confidence and success, providing a trusted blueprint for any data migration project, no matter how large or complex.

Our industry leading capabilities: 

Repeatability –
Reducing implementation time

Our automated Egress Advance data migration solution allows a quicker, safer & more reliable process – proven across hundreds of complex projects.

Quality –
100% data confidence

Focused Data Quality reports pinpoint issues against any data set. Our automated tools remove the risk of human error & inconsistencies. We consistently achieve 100% trial-load success & no duplicate, partial or missing data. 

Auditability –
Traceability & transparency

Fully auditable to ensure clarity on data issues at any point in the migration process for early identification & quicker resolution.

Scalability –

Egress Advance provides a platform for following a proven methodology in both small- & large-scale data programmes.

Reporting –
Comprehensive insights

Detailed data quality, reconciliation & validation reporting for all stages of the project lifecycle.

Reconciliation –
Validation & assurance throughout

A proven approach & two-stage process minimises effort & maximises outputs during the reconciliation process. Carried out across the full migration cycle we ensure source to target integrity – end-to-end.

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