Making complex system moves simple and successful.

We know data migration can be complex – but it doesn’t have to be. Easily run a DM cycle at the click of a button.

A tool which offers automated and reliable extract, transform, load capabilities, complemented by powerful data quality reporting and reconciliation, that removes chance, inconsistencies, and human error from this complex process.

Save Time

Reduce Risks

Save Costs

Why Egress Advance?

The solution provides a framework to control the end-to-end running of an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) cycle.

It manages and automates the long list of activities, scripts and tasks that need to be run, in a set order, to successfully complete a migration of data. Controlling every aspect of a migration.

We’ve used our proprietary toolkit – Egress Advance when delivering over 600 complex data migration projects, including:

Whether you would like to engage with our team of specialists who will support you through the entire data migration process or enable your own teams with our trusted tool, we can help.

Our long track record and breadth of experience has allowed us to create a tried and tested Extract, Transformation, and Load (ETL) methodology. This encompasses: extracting data, reconciling it back to the source system via control reports, producing data cleansing reports, complete with improvement monitoring, and finally the data transformation requirements to move into the target system.

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Egress Advance – Risk reduction, time and cost saving benefits:


Provides a repeatable and consistent approach to each ETL, speeding up implementation time. The automated solution allows a quicker, safer & more reliable process.


Focused Data Quality reports pinpoint issues against any data set. Our automated tools remove the risk of human error & inconsistencies.

Traceability & Transparency

Fully auditable to ensure clarity on data issues at any point in the migration process for early identification and quicker resolution.


Comprehensive insights providing detailed data quality, reconciliation & validation reporting for all stages of the project lifecycle.

Validation & Assurance

Carried out across the full migration cycle, a proven approach & two-stage process minimises effort & maximises outputs during the reconciliation process.

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