Cost-effective, secure data storage solutions to meet a range of requirements.

Generation and capture of data ultimately requires safe and secure storage, for appropriate retention according to industry standards, and reliable access, as and when needed. Egress Archive fulfils this requirement with cost-effective, secure data storage solutions to meet a range of requirements.

Our data archiving solution effectively supports the migration of data between systems, serves as a secure archive for millions of records, generates bespoke reporting functionality and forms the basis for a tailored integration solution.

Customers can be confident that data is securely held in the right place and readily available if and when needed.

Our industry leading capabilities: 

Scalable & Flexible Storage

Our solutions focus on long-term data retention, growing capacity as volumes increase & to cater for future accessibility when needed.

Preserving Data Integrity

Proven data integrity tools & checks during the archival process, preventing corruption, loss & unauthorised amendments.

Easy Search & Robust Retrieval

Searching the archive is simple & effective, whilst retrieval of specified data is fast & efficient.

Trusted Security & Compliance

Robust access controls, & auditing mechanisms protect your data. Compliance with industry standards & retention policies is assured.

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