Payroll is an essential function in every organisation. Without employees there is no business, so ensuring they are paid correctly and on time, every payday, is an absolute must to get right. Not only does correct pay ensure avoiding costly fines for incorrect returns, most importantly, it is vital to secure employee trust, reassurance, satisfaction, and support loyalty and engagement.  

However, the process of getting payroll right is rarely straight forward. Payrolls can be very complex with ever-changing payments for vast numbers of people, creating plenty of room for costly errors to occur.  

Working without an effective payroll validation tool  can make processes longer and more arduous for payroll teams, risks more errors occurring and doesn’t provide reassurance that your payroll will always be right. 

Here are our top five reasons why we believe a payroll validation tool, such as Egress Assure, is essential to a business that wants to maintain its reputation, avoid costly mistakes, improves staff working practices and, most importantly, ensure their staff are paid correctly on time, every time.  

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  1. Simplified processes for Payroll Teams 

Automating and centralising the verification of all employee payroll information eliminates the need for tedious, time-consuming manual checks. This results in reduced risk of mistakes and errors occurring, improves work processes for employees and releases staff capacity, to dedicate more time to other important tasks. With a user-friendly interface that’s easy to learn and use day-to-day, the right validation tool enables the process to be much quicker and more accurate for payroll teams.  

In addition, a good tool should offer improved reporting and analysis capabilities to support better, more accurate and easier budgeting, forecasting and insights, based on the highest quality data.  

2. Reduced risk of costly over or under payments 

Over or under paying employees can result in costly  overheads with many overpayments having to be written off. Late payments and Incorrect returns can also incur significant fines or penalties for organisations. It is a serious issue and is complex and lengthy to resolve. It negatively impacts individual employees affected and can, in turn, create dissatisfaction throughout the entire workforce. 

The risks of over or under paying employees can include: 

  • Financial strainOverpaying employees can strain the organisation’s finances, especially if it is a small business or non-profit.
    This excess spending on salaries may lead to budget shortfalls or financial instability.
  • Low morale and dissatisfactionEmployees who are consistently underpaid may feel undervalued and underappreciated.
    This can lead to low morale, decreased job satisfaction, and a lack of motivation. 
  • High turnover – Unsurprisingly, employees who are continuously underpaid are more likely to seek opportunities elsewhere.
    High turnover can also be costly to organisations through recruitment and training.
  • Decrease in organisation reputationA negative reputation of paying employees incorrectly can make it challenging to attract qualified
    candidates and clients. This negative reputation can also reach customers and clients. 

3. Employee satisfaction and reassurance 

Investing in a payroll validation tool provides that fundamental reassurance of correct pay, on time, every payday for employees.
This will, of course, reassure employees, and contribute to employee satisfaction within your organisation.

  • Reduced payroll errors will help prevent financial stress and frustration for employees, in terms of both under and over payments. 
  • Confidence in receiving salaries on time is vital and results in successful financial planning for employees. 
  • Quicker and more efficient responses to payroll queries are reassuring for employees. 

4. Payroll issues resolved quickly and efficiently 

Easy to use, simple and intuitive payroll validation tools make the process of responding to payroll queries simpler, more efficient, and smoother.
This offers a number of benefits for the organisation, payroll team and employees:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to employees’ well-being and financial concerns – boosting employee morale and satisfaction. 
  • Improved employee productivity – both in terms of the payroll team itself and also for employees who no longer have to chase payroll
    queries freeing up that time.
  • Reduced stress for employees, both on the receiving end of payments and for the payroll team processing payroll and responding to queries. 
  • Efficient workflow – timely responses contribute to an efficient workflow within the payroll department. 

5. Improved statistical reporting and analytics

Good payroll tools, coupled with solid reporting capabilities provide powerful insights for improved reporting and analytics. Accuracy and consistency are delivered via the right tool, ensuring data is correct and of the highest quality, which, in turn, supports more effective budgeting and forecasting for an organisation.  

Intuitive views and dynamic Insights into payroll trends and historical data help make those informed decisions more quickly and confidently. Effective comparison tools of, for example, actual payroll expenses vs budgeted amounts enable identification and analysis of budget variances for resolution as needed.  

So, they are our top 5 reasons why an organisation can’t afford to not use a payroll validation tool, like Egress Assure. The right solution has benefits for not only organisations, but employees across the whole business. Payroll validation tools take a lot of the stress, worry and time out of the payroll process and can result in improved staff satisfaction throughout the organisation. But, most importantly, ensures staff are paid correctly on time, every time. 

Learn more about Egress Assure – the automated payroll validation tool HERE.

Or contact one of our data experts to discuss how payroll validation can work for your organisation. 

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