Our Products.

We have developed a comprehensive range of products which underpin our client specific solutions: they can either be deployed as part of an integrated Egress solution or licenced for use in their own right, subject to the specific client requirements.


Our extract validation tool is a Data Migration necessity enables organisations to validate the quality and format of their extracts against the requirements of downstream processing in real time, potentially saving weeks of effort and significant cost.


A safe place for your data. Whether it is supporting the migration of data from one system to another, serving as a secure archive for millions of records, generating bespoke reporting functionality or forming the basis for a tailored integration solution, our data archive allows you to be confident that you can rely on your data being in the right place at the right time to make the right decisions.


Egress’ Payroll Monitor enables automated continuous monitoring of your payroll to ensure accuracy and consistency; significantly decreasing costly over/under payment errors, releasing staff capacity and limiting risk whilst delivering powerful, flexible and simple to use business intelligence capabilities.


Our Oracle database verification tool provided an effective comparison capability which ensures any changes to your Oracle database do not adversely impact the accuracy or consistency of your data. Originally developed with payrolls in mind, we are able to compare complete payrolls of more than 100,000 employees in just hours. This product will increase the accuracy of your payroll and greatly reduce the length of your testing lifecycle.


Configuration Manager makes the critical path visible. It is essential to have full visibility of the status of the configuration of systems receiving the migrated data. Our configuration management solution does just this. Enabling you to own and manage the critical path through to go-live.


A full test management suite which provides everything you need to successfully manage an organisation through the critical path of the testing lifecycle; managing people, scripts, schedules, activity allocation, delivery and outcomes with an easy to use interface.


Provides an off-the-shelf and quickly deployable Spine Mini-Services solution for gaining PDS spine connectivity. Enabling transactional (i.e. HL7) and batch NHS number retrieval and verification as well as demographic data validation. With the use of NHS numbers as a unique identifier now mandatory, eSM™ represents a rapid and cost effective solution to securing compliance and avoiding fines.


A financial reconciliation tool which allows full connectivity between Payroll, RTI, P35, Gross to Net and General Ledger, allowing issues to be identified & resolved before your organisation is subject to potential fines.


A powerful, comprehensive and highly versatile migration reconciliation application, eMR has been instrumental in delivering the successful migration of hundreds of thousands of records for a number of major global and national organisations.


Extending the capability and functionality of eSM, eSG provides an automated method for checking all child and maternity admissions for whether the child has been placed onto a specific care plan. This instantly enables compliance with NHS governing bodies and enables your organisation to avoid potential penalties.


Makes managing the training of any project easier, more efficient and highly likely to be successful. Allocates resources, activities and deliverables, whilst monitoring performance, progress and outcomes.


The essential data quality management tool for healthcare providers. Our Data Quality Management tool provides a fully integrated extraction, management, validation, resource and reporting solution to enable healthcare providers to address the fundamental issues of poor data quality.

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