Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership select Egress as their Integration Partner

Building on 2018's strategic wins with a number of UK NHS Trust's, GMHSC have now also selected Egress's Managed Integration support and development service

Building on Egress's strategic integration service wins with a number of UK NHS Trust's in 2017 and 2018, GMHSC have now chosen Egress's Integration Managed Integration support and development service to support the transformation of their public services in 2019.

Since signing an historic devolution deal with the government, GMHSC have taken charge of the £6bn spent on health and social care across their ten boroughs; ensuring the right health and social care is in the right places, and that people are getting the support they need, when they need it. The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership is made up of local NHS organisations and councils, as well as people from NHS England and NHS Improvement, the emergency services, the voluntary sector, Healthwatch and others, including the mayor of Greater Manchester. The Partnership was formed to oversee the required integration and transformation of these services, and a key part of their remit is to spend their budget wisely. As such, given our capability, track record and value proposition, Egress have been contracted deliver an integration managed service encompassing advisory consultancy, support of interfaces development, project development work and potential transformation programme support.

Egress capability to provide these services is based upon unparalleled experience in supporting health systems and transformation projects across all NHS care settings including Commissioning, Community, Mental Health and Acute. Focused on supporting NHS organisations in delivering outcomes, primarily through technology adoption, technical consultancy and pro-active support, we provide consultancy, project and capability augmentation services at all stages of the integration project lifecycle.

Egress’ success is based on a proven approach, detailed thinking and a passion for delivering high quality solutions for our customers, their staff and patients. This open and transparent partnering approach has enabled us to build and maintain long term relationships with our customers.