Egress deliver Oracle Fusion Data Migration for globally recognised programme

Partnering with Fujitsu and Ernst & Young, Egress group have successfully delivered a complex data migration and deployment of Oracle Cloud Fusion (Financials, HR and Procurement) project within an high profile and renowned programme

Egress instigated, and then successfully led the turnaround of the data migration work stream leveraging our world class methodology and capability. As with every project Egress undertake, we delivered to time and on budget with a successful load ratio of over 99% across all data sets. Such was the success of Egress’ involvement, the programme director specifically stated that the results and outcomes were unprecedented and that as a direct result the take up of the new system by users was nothing short of exceptional.

Egress’ approach is underpinned by the use of a number of their unique software tools. These enable a robust, consistent, repeatable end-to-end process to be followed for each Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) iteration and are the basis for our unblemished track record in delivering Data Migration projects. Whether we are operating within industries with which we have a long and successful track record, (such as healthcare, Local Government or ERP,) or we have been presented with a new industry facing recognisable challenges, without exception, Egress has delivered a data migration solution which has been crucial to the success of whatever programme we are supporting.