Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust Rate Egress Data Migration Service as Excellent

Egress succesfully delivered another data migration programme, merging 2 separate instances of and EPR into a single instance .

The programme leadership rated Egress's contribution as follows; 

  • Overall satisfaction - Excellent 
  • Quality of the firm’s quality assurance policies & procedures and adherence to industry regulations - Excellent
  • Competency to deliver the required services including the competency and professionalism of the individuals involved - Excellent
  • Quality of responsive maintenance services including the speed and effectiveness with which call-outs are attended - Excellent
  • Speed and effectiveness with which complaints are remedied - Excellent
  • Degree of flexibility and general co-operation in the firm’s approach – how easy are Egress to work with? - Excellent

A representative of the project team at Lewisham and Greenwich added, "Our experience of working with Egress has been very positive. They are very agile in their approach which was one of the biggest reasons for the overall success of the project. Egress are quick to respond to issues during and outside of working hours throughout the scope of the project, they have adhered to quality assurance policies & procedures set up by the programme of work and all members of Egress team have been very professional in delivering their services. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Egress for any future data migration work."

Egress have completed more data migration projects within the NHS than any other organisation, and worked across a much more diverse range of systems. The data migration workstream for every single one of our engagements has been delivered to time and to budget and of market leading quality. We do things differently. Just ask any of our clients.

Our approach is the perfect balance of tried and tested process, robust tooling and automation and flexibility of configuration. From our first major project in 2006 leading the migration of circa 590 organisations from a disparate myriad of systems onto a single instance solution under the ESR programme, our efficient, cost effective and risk adverse delivery model has consistently delivered a return on our client’s investment in technology.

Leveraging our proprietary tool kit, we enable the identification and mitigation of issues at an early stage, greatly reducing the Trusts exposure to risk and potential data issues downstream, whilst allowing enough flexibility that the bespoke configuration of our tool kit to individualised requirements takes far less time than organisations would be otherwise able to do; often automating as much as 95% of the required effort.  This has enabled us to become a disruptive entrant in the UK Healthcare sector, having been selected to deliver EPR data migration projects involving almost every major PAS and EPR system within the NHS in the past 5 years.

Three critical elements which we believe should be delivered by a Data Migration Partner:

·         Removal of the data migration workstream from the critical path of the project;

·         Delivery of the highest possible quality of data into the new solution first time; providing a foundation upon which the Trust can make the necessary operational changes to achieve the return on investment it requires.

·         A cost model based on outcomes; enabling maximum control, minimum risk, and complete quality assurance.