About Egress

Unlocking the Value of your IT investment. We are proud of our business, what we achieve and most importantly what we enable our clients to achieve. Everyone involved with Egress is passionate and committed to achieving our objectives and the values by which we conduct ourselves.


Egress Group is an innovative IT Solutions provider that enables any customer to achieve improved return on investment in IM&T by successfully addressing 4 fundamental questions:

  • Why should I make an investment?
  • How do I execute on that investment?
  • How should I manage and measure its success?
  • How do I ensure that the result delivers benefit to all that need it?

To achieve the Egress Group has established a series of complementary business units providing a range of consultancy, service and product solutions that together address these critical questions.

Our Mission

To be the long term PARTNER of choice for our CLIENTS by helping them deliver measurable return on their investment in information technology.

We believe that by having a clear focus on BENEFIT delivery and on outcome of what we do we can significantly improve the success of our customers. We believe that by being a learning organisation, taking our experience and developing repeatable solutions from that experience we will drive efficiency and increase value of the company.

As a result, we will be the business our CLIENTS use repeatedly, their STAFF recommend to others, our PARTNERS turn to for advice, our EMPLOYEES are proud of, and INVESTORS seek for long term return.

Our Values

All of those involved with Egress share a common set of values:

  • PASSION – We believe we can make a difference, we provide our services with determination, ambition and care.
  • EXCELLENCE – We are proud to be experts in our field, we recruit the best to ensure we deliver a truly excellent service.
  • INNOVATION – We innovate, we take what we learn and develop tools and products to ensure we address challenges in the most effective way possible.
  • COMMITMENT – We promise to remain loyal, be proactive and deliver long-term value.
  • HONESTY – We communicate with transparency and integrity, no unrealistic expectations or hidden catches.
  • VALUE – We believe in delivering value to our clients, we strive to achieve a balance between cost and outcome that differentiates us from any competitor.

The Team

Steve Pullee
Executive Director

Over 22 years of experience in the IT industry starting from a technical background and evolving into managing and consulting on large scale IT programmes. Steve has managed teams of over 100 people with budgets of over £70M and delivered award winning projects in the challenging public sector.

Karl Blount
Executive Director

Karl has over twenty years of experience in IT, gained primarily in data migration, across a number of market sectors. He has worked in almost every role along the way, from coding through to senior management. Outside work he spends most of his time ferrying his son to football training and matches.

Joe Rooke
Managing Director

Joe has been working in the IT & Business Transformation industry for over 16 years. Starting out in Project & Programme Management then moving into advisory positions, Joe has delivered multiple large scale programmes for clients such as the DWP, Capita and Birmingham City Council. Joe has spent more recent years advising Public and Private sector clients through their transformation journeys holding Practice Lead and Director positions at several consultancies.

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